I want to go on the Kattamaram Sunset tour at the Itaipu Dam on Friday, then see the lighting show.

It's not clear if you can do these in the same evening: the catamaran tour starts at 5pm and lasts for "2h45min total", and the lighting show is listed to start at 7:30pm and last for 90 minutes. I wouldn't mind missing the first 15 minutes (probably a documentary film), plus sunset isn't until 7:30pm anyway in December.

But I don't know if they close admission for the lighting show by a certain time, or if there's no bus after 7:30 etc.


I've emailed Itaipu at info@turismoitaipu[dot]com.br and it turns out the question is moot: they're canceling the catamaran tour (both the day and sunset tours) after TODAY (Dec 18, 2019). What are the odds.

Unfortunately today is the last day of Kattamaram ride, after the ride today will be disabled and no plans to return.

May make the tour of the Itaipu Enlightened, I suggest that you purchase in advance via our website to guarantee your reservation: https://ingressos.turismoitaipu.com.br/p/itaipu-iluminada

No more Kattamaram tour


  1. There seems to be an active "Katttamaram II" in the area. I did see a catamaran on Dec 20, 2019.
  2. The question is still interesting to those who want to take the day tour (Panoramico or Especial), because the last admission is at 16:40, and there will be a gap until 19:30, when the buses depart for the lighting show (which IMO in itself was a bit disappointing, save for the fireworks and the concert).

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