When I was stationed in Wuerzburg, Germany on active duty in the US Army, there was a restaurant in Kitzingen, the next city over, that my fellow Soldiers called "The Schnitzel Factory" because the schnitzels they served were, in a word, huge.

Anyone have an idea what this restaurant is/was called, and whether or not it's still there?


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According to a comment on yelp.de, the restaurant Zum Mühlberg is also called Schnitzelfabrik:

Die Schnitzelfabrik wird das Gasthaus auch genannt die waren früher schon in Reperndorf erste Sahne Riesen Portionen und auch günstig. Kein Nobelschuppen sondern ne schöne kleine Kneipe mit Biergarten.


The inn is also called schnitzel factory, it was formerly in Reperndorf. Top quality, giant portions and also cheap. No fancy location but a nice little pub with beer garden.

Edit: I haven't found a telephone number or web site. According to yelp, they have closed.

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