I have seen many mini-trucks blasting (> 90 dB) psy/techno music while driving around Yangon with some decent sound system. Example from https://youtu.be/gCdgRT2f63k?t=13:

enter image description here

Why are there some mini-trucks blasting psy/techno music while driving around Yangon?

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    @Willeke well I'm guessing that the locals know what's going on and that only tourists wonder what's up. I think that's the point of the culture tag travel.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/culture but happy to migrate the question to some other Stack Exchange website. – Franck Dernoncourt Nov 29 '19 at 20:48
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    @Willeke 1) it is a good fit for Stack Exchange because it is a question that most likely has a clear answer (e.g., I'm not starting a debate) 2) I believe my question fits the scope of the "culture" tag, and therefore is on-topic on Travel Stack Exchange. If it is decided otherwise, then many questions on travel.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/culture need to be close. – Franck Dernoncourt Nov 29 '19 at 21:18
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    Seen this in a few places in Asia, it's usually related to local elections. A person who wants to be elected in some sort of office hires people to do this stuff among other things as a part of the campaign. However, I do not see any posters that confirms this in your short video. – Nean Der Thal Nov 30 '19 at 1:11
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    A relevant meta post: travel.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/1758/… – Nean Der Thal Nov 30 '19 at 1:53
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    Because techno music rocks! – JoErNanO Dec 4 '19 at 23:02

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