I am a Filipino citizen and is scheduled to go to the US on January 2020 . My brother from Canada booked me a ticket via Japan airlines. However , my itinerary is Manila -Haneda and Narita - US. This means that I need to go out from Haneda Airport in order to get to Narita Airport . My question is , do i need to have a transit visa from Hanedon to Narita ? My lay over is only 6 hours. Need to be enlighyened on this. Thanks.

  • Was there a particular reason for choosing this routing? Normally Filipino citizens can transit without a visa if they stay in the international area of the airport. Timatic indicates you may be eligible for a ‘shore pass’ if there’s no connecting flight on your day of arrival timaticweb2.com/integration/…
    – Traveller
    Nov 28 '19 at 11:25