I want to visit Japan in April (supposedly from 11.04 to 25.04). All tickets from Ukraine cost more than $900, which is a lot for me. I would like to find tickets at least a little cheaper, including through other countries.

I will be satisfied with any airport in Ukraine (but preferably Kiev) and Japan. Maybe there is some website that can look for directions, transit and transfers in other countries? It is even possible to fly from another country (for example Poland), but I do not know whether it is possible to do so with a visa obtained in Ukraine.

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    Have you checked Google Flights? The options are not that great but some are cheaper than $900. – undercat supports Monica Nov 16 at 1:39
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    JAL also offers fairly cheap (~$280 x 2) direct flights from Moscow to Tokyo, but spending 12 hours on a train from Kyiv to Moscow (or 4 hours by plane with a layover in the middle) doesn't sound like a very fun thing to do, either... – undercat supports Monica Nov 16 at 1:58
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    Can you fly on different dates? The weekend is usually the most expensive day of the week. – Michael Hampton Nov 16 at 4:28
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    That return flight might be cutting it close with Golden Week starting a couple of days later. – Jan Nov 19 at 8:39
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    Checking Google Flights to Japan (i.e. put in Japan as the destination, it will check all airports) gets the price down to below 80000 yen if you fly Friday–Friday instead of Saturday–Saturday. I suggest playing around a bit with the different parameters there. – Jan Nov 19 at 8:44

According to Rome2Rio the cheapest flight between Ukraine and Japan is 270€ single, from Boryspil () to Chübu Centrair ().

To find these flights you'll have to search regularly as prices can change every minute.

If you're under 26 you may be able to find youth tickets, which you can't find using normal flight search engines but only at the carriers own websites.

  • Exact prices are not terribly helpful, since they change all the time. What airline/routing was offering the fare? – lambshaanxy Nov 16 at 3:05
  • It is, but not on dates in April. – BoberMod Nov 16 at 8:53

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