I’m considering a day trip to Mt. Hiei. When descending on the Lake Biwa side, I notice that there is a station called Ogoto Onsen just north of the cable car. An evening in an onsen would be a great way to end the day before taking the train back home.

However, a quick search only returned ryokans with onsen baths attached; often these are not open to guests not staying at the ryokan. Are there any public onsens that accept day trip customers that I could visit?

Ideally, I would prefer late opening hours (9 pm or later) and open-air baths, if there happens to be a choice.


Yes, almost all resorts in Ogoto Onsen offer day trip (日帰り higaeri) plans, ranging from a simple dip to packages with meals. Here's a list (in Japanese) of 9 onsen with day trip plans:


For example, here are the meal-included day trip plans at Yumotokan, and they also offer onsen entry only for ¥2000/person until 9:30 PM.


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