We are Israeli citizens residing in the US on work visas. Our daughter is a citizen of both the US and Israel. We are travelling from the US to Israel and back soon. Since our daughter is a dual-citizen she needs an Israeli passport to enter/exit Israel and a US passport to enter/exit the US.

Should we expect any issues if her US passport expires in less than 6 months at the time of travel?


She should be fine.

She should check in for her US > Israel flight using her Israeli passport, and check in using her US passport for the Israel > US flight.

Timatic (the IATA database used by airlines to ascertain if a passenger's documentation is sufficient) states her US passport must be valid on arrival:

National USA (US) /Destination USA (US)


Passport required. - Passports and other documents accepted for entry issued to nationals of USA must be valid on arrival.

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