I'm French and I'm currently in the K1 fiancé visa process. When the visa will approved by different authorities, I have to get married at the city hall in the USA, and then to ask for a status adjustment (that is basically a green card demand).

The problem is that I would not be allowed to work for a US company between the wedding and the green card receipt, what can take 10 months... and I would not be allowed to travel outside of the USA either. I can ask for a work permit in addition of the green card, but its receipt delay is not guaranteed, and according to testimonies both the green card and the work permit can be received in the same time (what is completely useless).

So I wondered if I could keep on working remotely for my European employer, while I'll be in the adjustment status period, without it to affect the green card demand?

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    Many people with pending applications for adjustment of status receive employment authorization, often in combination with advance parole (which is a document that allows them to travel outside the US while the application is pending). I am not particularly familiar with the K-1 process specifically, but I would expect that such authorization is routine in those cases. If so, it will be far sooner than ten months before you are allowed to work. – phoog Nov 11 '19 at 19:09