I read on the e-visa for Myanmar:

enter image description here

How does one prove one has sufficient funds for one's period of stay in Myanmar when entering with an e-visa?


There are variety of ways to show proof of funds.

  • Have the actual cash in hand.
  • Copy of pass book or statement in bank.
  • ATM slip showing the balance.
  • Letter from your sponsor in the country you are visiting, if the trip is sponsored by someone.

Usually, most countries won't ask in border checks, unless they get suspicious.

Note: Some countries need a minimum amount, for example Thailand when I entered asked me a proof for 20k Thai Bhat, even though I was only there for two days. Malaysia on the other hand didn't ask for umpteen number of times I visited.

  • As per as your pic, no. Just well enough amount for your stay and expenses is ok. – Anish Sheela Nov 8 '19 at 3:59

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