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I first saw this as Windows 10 Spotlight image. Google's Reverse Image Search unfurls location is Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, but photos.com unfurls a different photographer. Anyways ā€“

  1. Where exactly is this on Google Maps?

  2. Anyone guess what month?

  3. Can I drive a rented car to it, step out, and view this? If not, how long's hike?

  4. If you haven't stood here before, how did you figure out the location?

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It should be possible to figure out the time of year. Some of the flowers are seeding, so I would put it as mid to late spring. You could research that, for the locale, as spring happens at different times in different places.

It's relatively easy to find the approximate location with Google Earth. The early morning shadows give an idea of what direction to be looking from, here from roughly south-east.

enter image description here

It's much harder to find the actual spot though. There are numerous valleys and ridges in the area. The photo has a ridge in the far middle ground (shadowed on the viewer's side, and a line of trees along its crest) running from the right of the picture to the centre. I can identify that ridge in the Google Earth image, but further away, so it looks as though the viewing place is somewhere between.

One can assume though, that it is not hard to access, as there is a trail to be seen with a hiker in the middle ground. There aren't many roads in that area, although there is one across the south of Mt Rainier through Longmire and Paradise.

enter image description here

You might be delighted when you finally stand at that place, but be prepared for a disappointment too. Like advertising, photography can be "better than life." A dedicated photograher might spend days waiting for the perfect conditions for "that shot", or revisit the site numerous times.

If I were you, I would head for Paradise.

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