Planning a trip for my wife's 40th birthday to Egypt and Jordan from the US. I had hoped to stay in Aqaba as it's quicker to Petra than Amman and we'd get a little beach time. I read online (in an article that I'm unable to hunt down at this point) that there are direct flights to Aqaba 2 times a week from Cairo. Have been unable to hunt these down on any of the major airline or aggregator sites. Does anyone know if this is still a thing?


You're in luck! Air Cairo has just launched twice-weekly flights from Cairo to Aqaba:

SM219 CAI1145 – 1345AQJ E70 2
SM219 CAI2200 – 2359AQJ E70 5

SM220 AQJ0100 – 0100CAI E70 6
SM220 AQJ1445 – 1445CAI E70 2

...meaning they fly every Tuesday and Friday.

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