I'm a Turkish citizen living in USA (temporary resident on a H-1B) and I just bought a flight that transfers through Vancouver Airport.

The itinerary is as follows:

Air Canada 8090 -> Seattle, USA to Vancouver, Canada
    10:57am arrival and 12:00pm departure    -     1 hour 3 minutes layover
Air Canada 63 -> Vancouver, Canada to Seoul, South Korea

Air Canada 64 -> Seoul to Vancouver
    10:35am arrival and 1:45pm departure     -     3 hour 10 minutes layover
Air Canada 8095 -> Vancouver to Seattle

I have my legal travelling required documents ready for both South Korea and USA. However I do not possess a Canadian Tourist Visa or any sort of transit visa.

Is there a connection area in Vancouver airport that would allow me to take these flights?

Vancouver airport told me that I need a visa, CBSA told me that I need a visa but many people online say that I don't. I only have a carry-on and will not have any luggage checked in.


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You will need a Transit visa. Its free to apply.


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    Yeah, I cancelled my flight after finding out. Thanks. Nov 6, 2019 at 21:01

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