I'm planning an EU trip with my family and would love to hear thoughts or suggestions on where to go, with a few things in mind that I'll explain below. It'll be my wife and I, my 5 kids ages 3 months to 9 years, and my parents (so 4 adults 5 kids).

We arrive in Amsterdam Nov 15 and stay for a few days, then train to Hamburg -> train to Copenhagen -> overnight ferry to Oslo -> train to Stockholm -> overnight ferry to Helsinki -> fly to Prague for Christmas (Dec 19 - 26). We stay in each place between 4 and 7 days.

We're trying to figure out where to go after Prague. Constraints are:

  1. Trying to keep costs reasonable (under $200/night if possible)
  2. Avoiding Italy and Zurich as we've already been there. Staying in Airbnbs the entire time (so far).
  3. Travel times of ~6 hours or less preferred
  4. We'd like to make it to Brussels by 1/8 or so to check it out before we fly out of Amsterdam on 1/15

Places we've considered so far:

  1. Vienna - prices are quite high near 12/31 though
  2. Salzburg - prices are extremely high ($450+ per night) - probably not an option
  3. Budapest - somewhat expensive for this time of year, and puts us further away from Brussels

Maybe we need to head more West?

  1. Munich is a 6.5 hr train ride away
  2. But Munich to Paris is 9-10 hours

Would like to see at least some part of France, if not Paris, before heading up to Brussels.

Complicated question but would love any thoughts. We're quite open-minded within the constraints I mentioned.

  • As you already have flights in your itinerary, is there any reason not to consider more flights? You could get to about anywhere in Europe (and beyond) in less than 6 hours. Note however that in many places New Year’s Eve means special rates and/or rules, especially in the larger cities. – jcaron Oct 31 '19 at 22:11
  • Since we have so many people it's fairly expensive. Best flight I can find from Helsinki to Prague is $110 each. I expect we'll have 3 bags to check among us as well. But we're still open to it. – devth Oct 31 '19 at 22:12
  • It’s not like train tickets are especially cheap, especially on log distance and/or high speed trains. There are currently flights from Prague to Barcelona for 85 euros/pax on the 26th for instance. Probably not the right destination for cheap hotels on New Year’s Eve, but it illustrates the travel options. – jcaron Oct 31 '19 at 22:21
  • Thanks, I'll keep that in mind! I did see group rates for 6+ on trains. Around 20 euros per person. – devth Oct 31 '19 at 22:53

The 26th of December is a holiday in Germany .
Since Silvester (New Year) is a big celebration

  • an early reservation for the night of 31.12 to 01.01 would have to be made.

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