I've only stayed in Barbados for up to 30 days but I know my parents have stayed there for far longer than that a few times, by extending their visas.

How do you extend a bajan tourist visa?

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You can apply for the extension in a few different ways, a Barbados Tourist site states:

Should you wish to extend your stay in Barbados, you can apply for an extension via the Barbados Immigration Department - tel (246) 426-1011, email [email protected].

The official site also gives a list of documents that must be provided to process this extension:

Persons requesting a period longer than the time previously granted can make an application to the Immigration Department at the Headquarters.


  • $100.00 application fee
  • Valid ticket for duration of stay
  • Valid passport
  • One (1) Photo
  • Any other document to support the application ( eg Doctor’s letter, etc)
  • Spouses of long term work permit holders who are applying for an extension of stay must produce a Police Certificate of Character (PCC)
  • A copy of the bio-data page of the applicant’s valid passport

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