I had missed the connection flight from Warsaw (WAW) to Belgrade (BEG) due to a delay of the first flight from London (LHR) to Warsaw. The delay was an hour approximately.

I then had to wait 3 hours in the queue of the airport in Warsaw where they offered me to stay one night in a hotel then fly to Austria and then to Serbia the next morning. In other words, the final destination was reached 3 or more than 3 hours later due to a missed connecting flight.

My first question is, according to Under EU Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004, how much am I entitled to get compensation for? From what I have checked so far it is €400 and I would like to confirm that.

Also, I have directly contacted the airliner via email providing the e-tickets. Do I need to add anything else? as I will try not to use any legal website that can represent me under a fee.


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