On the London Oyster Card, you can go into a negative balance. TFL introduced a one more journey option.

I was wondering if there are any similarities between this and the Moscow Troika Card. One journey on the Troika Card costs 38 rubles. Will I be able to enter underground if I only have 30 rubles, go into a balance of negative 8 and top it up at the end of the journey?

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    AFAIK the turnstile will not let you in with not enough money on the card, but I can't (yet) find this officially declared on the Moscow Metro web site. Commented Oct 19, 2019 at 18:58
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    @MichaelHampton "Проездной билет «Кошелек» предоставляет право проезда в трамвае, автобусе, троллейбусе, метрополитене, монорельсовой транспортной системе и МЦК в пределах уплаченной суммы." from the rules. Means, the "Purse" ticket grants you the right to travel by tram, bus, etc. within the limits of the sum paid.
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    Commented Oct 21, 2019 at 10:48

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This happened to me when I was in Moscow a few weeks ago and overestimated how much I had left on my Troika card. The red light on the turnstile lit up and the screen displayed a message informing me that I didn’t have enough balance. The turnstile did not activate to let me through until I went to the machine and topped up.


No, unfortunately you don't have that option. But remember that you can go through the turnstile on right or on the left and use your bank card if it allows contactless payments. It will cost you 42 rubles, which is slightly more, but not as much as buying a single ticket for 55 rubles.

In general, you should be trying to use Troika as much as possible because if you transfer to the bus/tram/trolley and use the same Troika card as on the subway, you will be granted the 90 minute option. It will charge you extra 21 rubles on top of 38 rubles you've already paid and upgrade your ticket to the 90-minute one which allows unlimited rides on the ground public transport provided you only have one subway ride. That's significantly cheaper than paying for the rides individually.

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