• Visa type: Visit (family)
    • Timeline: Biometric: sept 17
    • Concluded: October 6
    • Passport ready for pick up: October 15.
    • Outcome: Denied

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I applied for a month's visit visa to visit my family - (my parents and brother). One of the reasons was to see them, while the other was for my moms graduation earlier this month.

My parents are citizens while my brother has a permanent residency. I just picked up my application yesterday and it was denied due to 2 ridiculous reasons. 1. My sponsor (mom) does not have enough money in her joint account with my dad to donate 800 pounds to my flight which was mentioned in my application. 2. I do not have up to the money I claimed I had in my savings.

Now, I say the reasons were ridiculous because, I submitted two accounts for my sponsor (mom) as supporting documents:

  1. Joint account with my dad which had 63 pounds balance, which was the one they checked. But the purpose of this was only to show my parents were married and share a joint account.

  2. My mom's personal account which had enough money about 4000 pounds to cover the 800pounds flight cost.

So obviously, they only checked one account and did not check the main account and assumed she does not have any money of her own.

Secondly, in the form, I declared a savings of 7k pounds and I submitted my 3 bank accounts to support this. They miraculously checked and mentioned only one bank account which had just 4k pounds in it. And they claimed, the 4k was not up to the 7k savings I claimed. For Gods sake, I submitted 3 personal bank accounts and 1 company account. They claimed I submitted 2 accounts, 1 for company and 1 personal with the 4k savings.

Also, I did write a brief but comprehensive cover letter detailing everything and the supporting documents attached.

I registered my company in May, and prior to that all business transactions have been going through my personal account. All these was explained, with proof of earnings and the source, but they obviously did not check and of that and only cherry picked what they want and made a decision that does not add up. They claimed I was self-employed, I am not self-employed. I am employed by my company and payslip of monthly salary of 360k per month was attached.

Also, they mentioned they are not satisfied my sponsor will provide financial support to me during my stay. I never said she would. My mom is only contributing 800pounds to the budget of 2k pounds. The 800 was only for my flight (which isn't a cost I can't even handle myself, she only planned to do that as a gift). I also included in my cover letter than the rest of the travel expense (1.4k pounds) will be covered by me for accommodation and feeding as I planned to rent an hotel close to where they live.

Now, the thing is I am not desperate to go to the UK, I really don't care as it was just to visit my family, however, all the reasons they refused me for were incorrect.

Do you guys advise me to reapply immediately to contest the decision?

I am thinking if I leave it and apply at a later time, it may confirm their thinking that their decision was right and that I and mom really do not have the funds.

Secondly, if I reapply now, how can I ensure that they check all the documents I submitted especially since it is obvious that they do not check a lot of the supporting documents and cover letter? Where should I put the details they failed to check? If I put all this in another cover letter for the new application, what's to say they will check or not even refuse again?

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    I don’t mean to sound unsympathetic but honestly, you’ve presented quite a complicated array of financial information. Notwithstanding a succinct cover letter, do you really expect ECOs to wade through 6 bank accounts? For example, why did you need to provide bank statements to show your parents are married, if your mum is only paying for your flight?
    – Traveller
    Oct 16 '19 at 17:53
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    Hello. All bank accounts were provided in order to show legitimacy. The joint bank account was to show my mom is married to my step dad, this was provided alongside their marriage certificate. As for my 3 personal bank accounts, I have my savings totalling 7000+ pounds in all 3 bank accounts but they only checked and mentioned one which has 4000 pounds... Also, prior to starting my company, all transactions went through my personal accounts and this was stated and proved with receipts. What would you advise to do? I am almost certain that they didnt check through all documents
    – SKRSKR
    Oct 16 '19 at 18:18
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    "I registered my company in May [...] I am not self-employed. I am employed by my company and payslip of monthly salary [...] was attached" -- that is called "self-employed".
    – mustaccio
    Oct 16 '19 at 18:44
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    @SKRSKR Why on earth would you need to provide your parents’ marriage certificate? I would get a friend to review your original application and supporting documents objectively to see if it really is as clear as you seem to think it is. I would drop any documents that don’t directly relate to a) the premise of the visit b) your personal circumstances (including ties to home) and c) proof your sponsor is able to fulfil their commitment. Read travel.stackexchange.com/questions/71874/…
    – Traveller
    Oct 16 '19 at 18:46
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    @mustaccio do you have any source for that? I've found you a page from HMG's main website saying that they consider business employment to be different to self-employment, and I've never come across any arm of HMG that considers matters otherwise. I'm happy to accept I'm wrong, but I'll need more than your say so.
    – MadHatter
    Oct 17 '19 at 20:06