I am considering getting flight tickets from Europe to Japan with Air China, and I can pretty much choose whether to transit at Beijing (PEK) or Shanghai (PVG). Are there any practical advantages of one over the other regarding transfer procecures, customs/immigration, luggage check-through, ...?

All flights would be on one ticket issued by CA, will all flights operated by CA as well.

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    Beijing should be 2h faster or so, because geography. – alamar Oct 16 at 10:01
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    That's true, there is a bit more than an hour of difference in flight time - in my case, however, the effect on overall travel time is almost completely evaporated by the longer transfer duration in PEK. – TheWolf Oct 16 at 10:39
  • This may be terminal dependent. PEK T2 is pretty sparse, but I believe T3 is the second largest terminal in the world. I transferred through T2 last year and we had to go find people to man the transfer points, but there was absolutely no crowd in the terminal at all (but also very few services if you don't have lounge access). – ex-user3761894 Oct 16 at 18:26

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