I (French citizen with French, US and international driving licenses) would like to reserve a car for ~24 hours in Bagan City, Myanmar. I'm not in Myanmar yet and I would like to book the car before arriving to Myanmar. How can one reserve a car at Bagan City prior to entering Myanmar?

The first car rental company in Myanmar I have found, Yoma Car Share, doesn't let customers reserve cars before obtaining a Yoma Car Share member card, which according to their website may only obtained in one of the Yoma Car Share branches in Myanmar.

The second car rental company in Myanmar I have found doesn't have any car in Bagan: https://www.europcar.com/en/car-rental/locations/myanmar-burma

FYI: Is it illegal to drive a car by oneself as a foreigner in Myanmar?


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This website (no affiliation) allows you to compare car prices and reserve the car in advance even paying later when outside Myanmar.

Another website that offers this is here, but there are many websites that offer this if you search Bagan City reserve rental car.

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    Thanks. Using your two links and selecting some dates, I get "Sorry, we're unable to find any cars at Nyaung-U (NYU) for the selected dates. Try a different pick-up location to find your ideal car." It seems that the typical car rental companies don't have any car in Bagan. Commented Oct 13, 2019 at 23:09

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