My husband will travel from medan Indonesia to New Zealand, but the ticket needed to transit in Singapore and Sydney.

Transit in Sydney for 3 and half hours.

My question is do my husband need to buy transit Visa for transit in Sydney?

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    To answer we need to know your husband’s citizenship and whether he has to reclaim his luggage in Sydney before checking in to his next flight. – Traveller Oct 8 '19 at 5:24

If your husband doesn’t clear immigration to collect bags and stays in the international transit area, he can transit without a visa.

The requirements for this are:

  • Arriving in Australia by aircraft
  • Have a confirmed onward ticket within 8 hours
  • Have valid documents for that country
  • must not need to clear immigration or leave the airport transit lounge for any reason before boarding your onwards flight

These requirements are listed on the Australian home affairs website.

Note: If you do leave the transit area to collect bags you will need to get a transit visa, unless you are visa free to Australia anyway (depending on your nationality and citizenship)

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