What is the baggage drop deadline at the check-in counter for Eva Air at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) for international flights (to SFO if that matters)?

https://www.evaair.com/en-global/managing-your-trip/airport-and-transportation/airports-in-taiwan/taiwan-taoyuan-international-airport/ says:

Counters are opened gradually from 04:15, please check your check-in island at the airport. All flights are closed punctually 60 minutes before flight departure.

However I don't know whether this 60-minute deadline also apply to the baggage drop or the baggage drop deadline is before 60 minutes.

On the same page as the URL listed above, I see that the "In-Town Check-in" does have a difference between the non-baggage check-in deadline (2 hours before flight departure) and the baggage check-in deadline (3 hours before flight departure):

Check-in for all EVA/UNI flights departed from Taoyuan International Airport and closed punctually 2 hours before flight departure that day. Baggage check-in will be closed 3 hours before flight departure. Flights departed to Canada are not acceptable in A1 station.

but I don't know about the check-in at the airport.

The confirmation email I received when purchasing the flight ticket doesn't contain the information.


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