I have a flight from Istanbul to Tirana at 3 Dec, 21:40 and my return flight is at 6 Dec, 02:35 local times. My airbnb home is so close to Skanderbeg Square and I'm looking for a public transportation on these hours between these places other than taxi.

Based on this wikipedia article, there is "one" line serving Tirana International Airport from and to Skanderbeg Square called Rinas Express. ("Rinas" is the place (or a close place) name where airport locates as far as I understand)

The below images shows the working hours for that bus line but it's between 07:00-18:00 so I can't use it since it doesn't catch my flight schedule.

enter image description here

I also checked this Bus article from airport website, and it says;

LU-NA shpk offers a shuttle service from TIA to Tirana and vice versa. The bus is stationed behind the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet (which is close to my airbnb home). The rate for a single fare is 250 Albanian Lek (From May 1-st, price of the ticket will be 300 Albanian Lek).

Service Hours:

Tiranë - TIA: every one hour starting from 07:00 until 23:00

TIA - Tiranë: every one hour starting from 08:00 until 24:00

but I couldn't be sure this service is still available.

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This website provides several transportation options for your outbound trip and a shuttle for the return journey:


33 minutes, £2. This takes 30 minutes and it takes you Tirana which is a 3 minutes walk from the square. The last bus is at 23:00 and the first one at 08:00, which works for your inbound flight but not your outbound one:



There is a shuttle for £3, with the last one arrivant at 0:30. I assume this will be enough time for you (2 hours before your flight):



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