Is there any publicly available printer at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) that airline passengers can use?


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There are a couple businesses within Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport that provide printing / photocopying service.

7-eleven / ibon Kiosk in Terminal 1

The 7-eleven in Terminal 1 (B1) has two ibon Kiosks, a self-service machine that supports printing and scanning of documents (instructions here):

You can print out any documents or pictures saved in the memory card, USB, or email the attachment to [email protected] at ibon Kiosk in any 7-ELEVEN stores anytime. All the printing requirements will be easily met. (Options of paper types: A4, A4-160lb, A3 and 4x6)

ibon has independently confirmed the location of their kiosks via their own directory (Chinese only, but I can confirm the address is that of TPE Terminal 1):

Search result on ibon kiosk in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, result in Chinese.

hi-life - may or may not be closed

While hi-life provides printing, photocopying and faxing services in their stores. It looks like they do not have a store in TPE anymore (a search within TPE's own website yielded a cached link that leads to nothing upon clicking through).

Post office in Terminal 2

The post office in Terminal 2 (1F) also provides photocopying services, as confirmed on their directory (Chinese only, keyword: 提供影印服務 - providing photocopying services). As of today, the charge is as follow (translation mine):




Photocoping services

We only provide photocopies in A4 and A3 format. A4 photocopying cost NTD 2 per page, A3 photocopying cost NTD 4 per page. Double side printing cost double.

B5 paper photocopying is charged at A4 paper rate, B4 paper photocopying is charged at A3 rate.


According to TripAdvisor, the 7-11 convenience store has printers where you can print, scan and fax.

I can't really confirm based on their website (in English, there is a Taiwan website too) because it's not explicit on there but there is a phone number to the terminal where the store is located that you probably can call to be sure.

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