I have to renew my business visa for Belgium, this time I want to take my wife & child with me.

  • For them the visa category would be tourist only.?
  • Can I submit their application (tourist visa) along with mine (business visa)?
  • My wife is not working, she is home maker, so I have to submit a sponsorship letter mentioning that I will be covering her expenses ?
  • what nationality are you and your wife? If for instance your wife is a EU citizen, you don't need any visa. – 3kstc Oct 22 '19 at 0:08

Short answer: Yes to all 3 questions.

Each applicant must apply for a visa

  • even in cases where a 'Family' Passport exists

Multiple reasons can be given that must be specific to each applicant

  • Tourism and Business

  • Tourism only

Field 33 is where the sponsorship should be noted

  • other (please specify):
    • the extremely tiny area could be used to reference an accompanying letter
  • check All expenses covered during the stay

Submitting all applications togeather may avoid multiple copies of the needed documentation. A covering letter with the sponsor Application stating that they are sponsoring their spouse/children would not harm in case the applications get separated.

Note: Family members of EU-Citizens that need a visa

  • do not need to fill out the Fields that contain a '*' before the field number
  • but instead must fill out the Fields 34 and 35

As a general statement (made as a comment to this question)

If for instance your wife is a EU citizen, you don't need any visa.

is only correct when the answer to the following question is yes:

Is the visa applicant accompanying or joining the EU citizen?

  • accompanies (i.e. travels together with) an EU citizen:
  • joins (i.e. travels later than) an EU citizen:

The Directive seeks to facilitate and promote free movement of EU citizens. It does not apply to mobility of the family members if there is no link to a mobile EU citizens, for example when the family member travels alone to a Member State in which the EU citizen does not reside and will not travel to.

2.3 Visa exemption under the Schengen Borders Code gives the following sample:

A Slovak citizen resides with his Chinese spouse in Ireland. The Chinese spouse holding a residence card, issued by Ireland under Article 10 of the Directive, travels alone to France. As she travels alone, she needs to apply for a visa to enter France

Information is based on:

Usage of the term EU citizen: EU/EEA and Swiss citizens.


For them the visa category would be tourist only?


Can I submit their application (tourist visa) along with me (business visa)?


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