I have a cheque returned police case in Dubai, U.A.E. In the DS-160 form, what should I reply to:

Have you committed any crime?

How will they know about the Dubai police case?

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    is a "cheque returned police case" a crime? It's not a trick question. And lying about minor crimes will result in refusals when the minor crimes themselves would not. – Kate Gregory Sep 23 at 18:48
  • Did you pass the check on purpose or by mistake? Were you convicted (including pleading guilty or no contest or any other disposition that resulted in the imposition of a punishment)? What was the maximum possible sentence for the conviction? – phoog Sep 23 at 19:52

Have you committed a crime?

Is the "cheque returned police case" a crime?

If so, the answer is yes even if minor. If no, and you haven't committed any other crimes, the answer is no. Lying will just make you less trustworthy and open a way to refusal.

US immigration authorities can obtain this information, so they will know.

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