I have recently been in Stockholm and saw only a few pigeons in the city (as compared to other cities). I am wondering if there is any regulation related to feeding the pigeons or if it is simply frowned upon.

I caught a glimpse of a person feeding a few pigeons while a man that seems to be working for the police was watching. However, this did not happen on the sidewalks or in the street, so nobody seemed to bother.

Pigeons in Stockholm

I tried finding whether it is legal or not to feed the birds in Stockholm, but could not find anything in English.

Question: Is it legal to feed the pigeons in Stockholm?

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    Yes it's legal. Why would you feed pigeons though? Pigeons are rats with wings. – dan-klasson Sep 23 '19 at 8:30
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    @dan-klasson - I do not like feeding pigeons because they are very messy and I really like clean cities. I was just curious. – Alexei Sep 23 '19 at 8:50
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    Maybe you haven't seen many pigeons in the very center of the city but in some bus stops you can't event tell how many pigeons there are as they're so, so many pooing everyhere. That was the case in the bus stop of Akalla where I used to take the bus to reach the Uni during my year of studies abroad. – user98567 Sep 23 '19 at 9:01
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    There is an alternative, though. – hmakholm left over Monica Sep 23 '19 at 12:27

Yes, it is legal to feed pigeons in Sweden.

However, it is not legal to throw things other than chewing gum, cigarettes and snus on the ground. So you can't just empty a 100 liter bag of bread on the street.

Also, some places like cafés and restaurants ask the guests not to feed the birds. One should follow these instructions as some of these signs actually are supported by law and violations could result in an arrest.

Feeding pigeons is something you usually do at parks or water parks (when feeding ducks).

It is not legal to poison, hurt or kill birds in Sweden without special permission - you could end up in prison.

I'm a swede and used to be a politician. Municipalities can decide these kind of things.

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    Do you mean to imply it is legal to throw chewing gum, cigarettes and snus on the ground? – walter Oct 30 '19 at 3:13
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    It is illegal to litter outdoors in public places. In 2011 the law was amended to allow the police to fine offenders. At that time the Prosecutor-General advised that a dropped cigarette butt, candy wrapper or bus ticket would be a minor infraction not qualifying for a fine. Still illegal. No loophole. – Arne Oct 30 '19 at 17:00

Yes, it is legal. I have been living here and we do it with my children in the park all the times.

  • This is an evidence that if it is illegal, the law is not actively enforced. How do you know that it is actually legal? – Boris Bukh Sep 24 '19 at 0:26
  • Police man often see us and do nothing, not even say a thing – Mickey Natty Sep 24 '19 at 0:28
  • I have seen people jaywalking in plain view of police many times, sometimes even in fairly reckless circumstances, and they were not cited. It does not make jaywalking legal. – Boris Bukh Sep 24 '19 at 0:30
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    @BorisBukh dangerous example, since sometimes that's not illegal. – MadHatter Oct 30 '19 at 6:42

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