This happened at Stansted airport yesterday which currently has diversion routes on the way to some of its gates. Our gate was 34.

Travelling with a baby we decided to take the lift instead of an escalator on the way to our gate. The options were the current floor, staff only (required access card and pin), floor to gates 20-39.

Our lift ended up stopping at the staff only floor when we encountered a rude airport worker who told us we were lying as to how we got there and didn’t let us continue the lift to the correct floor but instead made us follow him through back entrances and locked doors. He then pointed us to the complete wrong direction and we ended up missing our flight. His professionalism was non existent and extremely condescending.

We have since been told by the gate staff, arrival desk, Ryanair customer service and airport information desk that the diversions were widely known knowledge by airport staff and the lift we took was the correct one and they would have advised the same when travelling with a stroller.

Have any of you ever had to file a complaint against airport staff and do you have any advice that would be most effective?

We do not have the individuals name however we were told by the information desk that they would be able to determine who it was if they check the cameras and logs on keycards used in that lift.


You should launch a complain with the airport, it’s their fault not the airlines. Their staff were:

  • Rude
  • Unprofessional
  • Misleading

You should explain all the details of your case to the airport, obtain the details of that worker and explain you want a refund of your ticket arranged with the airline (not your fault you missed the flight) and compensation from the airport for rude and misleading staff.

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