I am flying on Iberia airlines from Miami to Rome, with a 1 hour stop in Madrid, Spain. Do I have to take my luggage through customs in Madrid?

  • You always go through passport control (Immigration) on your first entry point into the Schengen area. Subsequent flights within the Schengen area are classed as internal flights. You clear customs for checked luggage at the final destination airport, assuming the trips are on a single ticketed PNR. – Traveller Sep 17 '19 at 10:10

Usually you do not need to take luggage and custom. You will have just regular tag on your checked baggage, so that custom in Rome know if they could fine you for custom regulations. Tags with green bands are intra-EU baggage.

There could be exceptions, but you will know at departure airport, at check-in.

Note: your immigration procedures are done in Madrid, because you will enter there to Schengen Area. Just custom is done (usually) at destination. Note: Schengen Area and EU custom Area are different concepts and they have different borders.

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