I am heading to Chattanooga (Tennessee) in October- flying from London to JFK, and then flying on from there. I will have a few days in NY before heading on to Chattanooga, and am looking for recommendations for what to do with the time I have there.

I will probably do a couple of the 'must do' things (Empire State building & Statue of Liberty... maybe one or two others), but generally speaking, I'm not really interested in cities. I'm much more interested in nature & the outdoors- so Central Park is an obvious one of the 'must do' list that I will head for.

What are the other more outdoors/ nature based things that people would recommend I should try to see/ do while I'm in NY?

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Take a walk along the High Line. It’s a former elevated freight railway line that has been converted into a walkway or linear park. https://www.thehighline.org/

You might find some other interesting things to do nearby.

  • Thanks for the suggestions- I'll definitely look into it. – Noble-Surfer Sep 18 at 8:02

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