When booking a long distance flight, the arrival date tends to differ from the date of departure, as it can take 1-2 days to arrive, especially with layovers. If I need to arrive on a specific day, is there a way to filter results based on that needed arrival date?


It depends on the website/app you're using. For example, kayak.com gives you the option to filter the results based on the landing date and time.

kayak landingfilter

Other option which is available in almost all websites/apps, is to sort the results based on the arrival time, scroll up/down and it will be easy to see flights that arrive at a specific day.

Using this method, you will have to redo the search on the same route on a day, the day before and a day after, just to make sure that you cover flights that arrive same day, 1 day after and two days after the departure date.

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