I am traveling from Canada to Australia via Hong Kong. I am trying to confirm if I need a transit Visa in HK. I have a Bangladeshi passport and I'm a Canadian PR. I am planning to fly in a week and I'm trying to find out if I might need a transit Visa for a 6.5 hour layover. I'd like to know what my options are at this point.


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Hong Kong does not permit nationals of Bangladesh (and several other countries) to transit without a visa, not even in the international transit area of the airport. If you try to go without one, the airline may deny boarding.

You have two obvious options at this point:

First, you could try to obtain a visit/transit visa from Hong Kong. Their official web site says that this may take up to four weeks. Your Hong Kong visa application must be submitted to the China Visa Application Center which serves your province. It seems unlikely that you will receive this visa before your flight.

Or, you can change your flight itinerary to transit through a different country. Likely you will have to purchase tickets on another airline.

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    The Chinese Visa Application Centers are not responsible for issuing/processing visas to Hong Kong. Hong Kong has its own authorities to issue those visas. Those authorities are listed on the "Applying" tab of the immd.gov.hk/eng/services/visas/visit_transit.html#secondTab page that you posted.
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  • @Dreamer Would you care to explain what you are referring to? Aside from mailing your application to Hong Kong, which I suppose you could do, that site refers you to your local Chinese consular mission. Which then refers you to the Chinese Visa Application Center. Commented Sep 16, 2019 at 9:04

I think you're screwed. Go here:


enter image description here

You are unfortunately a caret symbol country:

enter image description here

Wikipedia for example summarizes it as:


Nationals of the following countries are required to possess a visa for any type of entry into Hong Kong (including as tourists) and for transit airside (even if they remain within the airport transit area) :

  • Bangladesh

enter image description here

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