Looking for an issuer of Maestro cards in the UK, as I will be travelling to and from and The Netherlands frequently, and do not wish to carry cash and will not be becoming a resident.

Mastercard and Visa are not widely accepted there and I have been caught out because of it before.

Even though Mastercard own Maestro, they do not issue Maestro cards in the UK - does anyone know where I could get a Maestro card, preferably for a low fee? Bunq bank offer a Maestro for a monthly fee but I'd rather find a more mainstream bank if possible.

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    This question might be better on money.stackexchange.com – Traveller Sep 13 at 19:36
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    Not an answer, but my understanding is that V Pay (the Visa branding for EC cards) will also work wherever Maestro cards do. This might help in your search. – MJeffryes Sep 14 at 8:38
  • I would challenge the assertion that "Mastercard and Visa are not widely accepted [in the Netherlands]". I lived there for 4 years had had no problems using my UK issued VISA credit card and my UK issued VISA debit card, in ATMs, and at a variety of POS devices in stores, restaurants, and petrol stations. Once I got an account at AbnAmro in the Netherlands, I used the cards they issued, again a VISA credit card and an AbnAmro bank ATM card (VISA as well, I think), in many locations in the Netherlands, UK, and other countries too. – Nick Oct 28 at 18:20

Having tried to open an account at UK Bank Branches recently I have a bit of knowledge of what they offer.

UK Banks

According to this comment MasterCard Debit can be used the same way as Maestro cards. Only Visa will cause issues.


  • Monese: App bank & MasterCards only.
  • Monzo: App bank & MasterCards only.
  • Santander: They might have Maestros available upon request.
  • Starling: Also MasterCard and maybe Maestro upon request.


  • Barclay's: Seems to be having MasterCard available for business customers.
  • Halifax: Only debit, even for youths. The Basic Account seems to have a special card though.
  • Lloyd's: They only have Visa Debit, even for youths.

This list is likely to be outdated quickly.

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    UK MasterCard Debit cards will not work in terminals that require a Dutch payment card – Fahad Sadah Oct 28 at 15:35
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    Two years ago I had to live for a month without my Dutch payment card, and my MasterCard Debit was exactly as useless as my Visa Debit. Both are only accepted in places that accept "credit cards" in general. – TooTea Oct 28 at 18:49

Bunq's free account does not come with a card, but you can still use their app to make mobile contactless payments.

You might be able to open an account with a mainstream Dutch bank as a non-resident, but it seems from bank websites that they'll all require you to have some sort of connection to the Netherlands, or otherwise have a BSN (citizen service number). You could consider registering in the Netherlands as a non-resident to obtain one of these - there don't seem to be any requirements for who can do so!


Get a prepaid card

You should be able to find a prepaid MasterCard card in shops in Netherlands. You can probably top them up using a Visa. Pre paid Maestro cards seem impossible to find.

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