I know I've asked about possibility of flying in a military fighter jet before but going through some of my old answers I discovered that you can take a tour driving a tank. Well this is actually a БТР which isn't a tank but is still cool!

Any places in US I can do the same?


Apparently actual tank driving is also possible

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    I disagree that tanks are cooler than jets, but +1 anyway— paves the way for me to ask about submarines next ;).
    – choster
    Mar 14, 2013 at 18:29

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Of course you can!

Drive a Tank in Kasota, Minnesota is the place you want to go to, since a former competitor in Texas (Texas Tank Adventure) has apparently closed their doors.

Drive A Tank is a family owned and operated business in Kasota, Minnesota, USA. Here you can experience real armored tanks up close and personal, get behind the controls and attempt to navigate our densley wooded course. You can even crush a car or two! We have a number of U.S. vehicles and several imported British M.B.T.s, S.P.G.s, and A.P.C.s! Afterwards, sample a few of our fully automatic machine guns in our indoor shooting range. Our state of the art facility is capable of handling up to .50 caliber ammunition.

For those who live too far from Minnesota, there are possibilities in New Zealand, Germany, and the UK as well, to name just a few.

Just remember: Tanks aren't built for comfort, so if a seriously bumpy ride leaves you with horrible headaches, then this may not be for you - or you need to bring your painkillers.

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    You can't do better then someone advertising you in Forbes
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  • Well. Actually you can. Someone advertising you here...
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