I read everywhere that alcohol beverages are prohibited in the Maldives. However, they also state that it's allowed to sell it in the resorts to non-Muslims as the resorts are private properties.

Is that really enforced? do they check the religion for real upon request to ensure that you are a non-Muslim?

To make it an easy question: can a Muslim drink there, especially if the person has a name generally only used by Muslims?

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    They can't "check the religion for real", at least for foreigners. They can only guess or ask. – ugoren Sep 2 '19 at 20:40
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    @ugoren In many Muslim-majority countries (eg Indonesia) your religion is listed on your ID, and having a Muslim-sounding name can also be used as a proxy. – lambshaanxy Sep 2 '19 at 22:26
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    Not answer-worthy so just adding as a comment, but a Turkish-German friend of mine visited the Maldives and drank no problem. I do wonder how things would have been if he only had a Turkish ID. – the other one Sep 3 '19 at 11:24
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    This sounds a bit like the No true Scotsman fallacy, but wouldn't the fact that one is willing to drink alcohol be sufficient proof that one isn't a true Muslim? – Ray Butterworth Sep 28 '19 at 18:46
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    @RayButterworth No, because many Muslims do drink alcohol. To be clear, in countries which ban Muslims specifically from drinking it's usually impossible to stop "being Muslim". That is, if the state considers you were born a Muslim, you cannot convert, and the law will always apply to you regardless of whether you want it to. – MJeffryes Oct 2 '19 at 16:41

Legally, if you are a Muslim who is 18 years old or older, you can technically buy alcohol, but it is banned for the local population, though alcohol is served at most resorts and liveaboard boats. So, hotels and other locations might give you alcohol, but don't expect it at most local bars and locations (especially many airports).

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Alcohol is 100% illegal outside resorts for everyone. If you're an American or from any western country I assume they wouldn't stop you from drinking regardless of your name as long as you were only doing this in the resort.
It would seem their laws specifically are for citizens of the Maldives and not Muslims in general, only non-citizens have freedom of religion and only in private. Muslims generally don't work at all in the resorts, they seek to import workers for the resorts so the citizens are not exposed to the sins taking place there(bikinis, alcohol, pork).
On a public beach a woman has to be completely covered; at a resort a woman could be in a bikini.
The only place you will be drinking is your own resort.

Sharia law does not exist in the resorts. The resort islands are uninhabited beyond the hotel complexes, and most of their employees are Bangladeshi immigrants.
That said, I wouldn't speak Arabic in front of them or they might have an issue with you drinking and it might be uncomfortable for you.
The resorts are very isolated from the general public, the laws for locals do not extend there. In the Maldives in public you should expect the same as Iran. One day, all the resorts might get shut down. I don't see this type of resort in Iran. They do want the tourist dollars. You will be generally confined to your resort and not around local people at all.

I could not find a specific link to the thing about the citizens and not muslims in general, but all their laws seem focused on citizens and citizenship. If you decide to switch religions, you lose your citizenship. "Expulsions of Christians occurred several times in the last 10 years." I note that this says "Expulsions" and not "executions". All of this information points to the conclusions that inside the resorts you can do what you want and no citizens are allowed there.

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    Thanks for the factoids. But I do not think this answers my question. – Nean Der Thal Apr 13 at 9:14
  • We do not want a wall of text, we are looking for links and quotes, or at least you telling us what your own experience in this case is. – Willeke Apr 13 at 10:12

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