Hello I am Indian Citizen currently studying in Australia and I am on a student visa. In the month of November 2019 I am travelling to India for vacations and I booked a ticket from Melbourne to Bangkok and than form Bangkok to India with a layover time of 7 hours in Bangkok and I am not going to leave the airport but my flights are different, so do I need to get and Airport Transit Visa in Bangkok.


No, for a period less than 12 hours a Indian citizen does not seem to need a Transit visa for Thailand.

The Royal Thai Embassy in Australia

  • type India in Box for Passport of which Country do you hold?
    • select Transit Visa from result

and all information you need can be seen.

The site is very easy to use

  • wish other countries would make it as easy

The statement above is based on the following entry from the above result:

A Transit Visa is needed when:

Transiting through Thailand’s airports exceeding 12 hours before proceeding to a third country of destination or returning to your home country - Category “TS” (Requiring a copy of outbound ticket to a third country)

Otherwise read the very extensive information offered should other conditions exists.

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