Can someone living in Japan please find out if contactless payments made through Google Pay or Apple Pay are accepted in Yodobashi? And specifically, if they are done through a virtual Visa card through one of these systems, if they are eligible for the special 5% tourist discount paying with Visa card (on top of the standard 8% tourist discount).

The reason is that I want to make a large purchase and my card issuer recently switched to MasterCard for physical cards. But I still have one virtual Visa card.

Thank you!

  • To partially answer my own question, I found out that Google Pay is accepted in Yodobashi as well as other places: pay.google.com/intl/ja_jp/about/where-to-use . Hopefully, someone can help me find out if a virtual Visa card is eligible for the 5% additional discount. – Alejandro Aug 31 at 2:40
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    Apparently my answer was rather incomplete, despite being the payment information provided by Yodobashi themselves, so I deleted it. Anyway, as a side note: to use Google Pay in Japan, the device has to support "osaifu keitai" (NFC-F / NFC Felica), which unless the device is made for the Japanese market it probably won't. I believe all recent iPhone models support this, regardless of where they are made for. See here for more info on that. – John Sep 1 at 6:30
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    @john The thing with your answer was that it did not say if paying with a virtual Visa card would be included in the discount promotion or not - just that one can pay with Google Pay. Thank you anyway for your answer even if it didn't have all the information, but also especially for this additional NFC info. I hope the iPhone I have works for my purposes since my other phone definitely won't. I think I'll just have to find out the complete answer myself when I visit :p – Alejandro Sep 2 at 2:57
  • Have a nice trip! :-) – John Sep 2 at 4:05

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