Can somebody please advise if the Spanish ITV test legally requires the (bi-xenon) headlights to light up a curb side, or if changing the light pattern to flat, as recommended by Mercedes UK for driving in Europe, will not fail the test?

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    Hi Neil, your question is a bit hard to understand. Could you perhaps give some more background information? – MJeffryes Aug 29 at 12:00
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    Are you intending to submit a UK spec car for the ITV test in Spain? – Weather Vane Aug 29 at 13:03
  • It is acceptable in the UK to present a LHD car with beam-converters for the UK MoT test. There may be reciprocal standards in other EU countries (up to 31 October, anyway), but this is only a comment because it doesn't definitively answer the question. – Andrew Leach Aug 29 at 17:37
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