As per title, I'm a dual national, and I'd like to travel in Morocco with Moroccan passport and Italy with national ID (or passport in case required).

So basically, as far as dual citizenship is concerned I'm allowed to enter in and exit from Morocco with Moroccan passport and enter and exit from Italy with national ID, by showing Moroccan passport at check-in for flight towards Morocco and national ID at check-in for flight towards Italy. It seems fair enough because by checking Timatic, this procedure seems OK.

I've been told that this doesn't work out in Morocco by a few friends. I don't understand why because many dual citizens travel with 2 passports or mixed documentation every day. Why can't this work out for Morocco? Dual citizenship is not illegal in Morocco.

I'm asking this because I want to leave more space on my EU passport. I don't want the Moroccan government to know things about me like having another citizenship. I don't like an institution knowing my status or my affairs abroad.

Edit: According to Timatic, I can travel this way, but many Moroccans say otherwise. I do not know honestly if Morocco is a very particular case, because even US-Mexicans or US-Italians, US-Brits, Anglo-Australians and so forth may travel this way. I do not understand why I can't. Very simple.

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  • According to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moroccan_nationality_law#Dual_citizenship, Morocco has no prohibition against dual citizenship. – hmakholm left over Monica Aug 28 '19 at 23:06
  • Have you done military service in Morocco? Not having done so is the only thing I can think of that might be a problem. – Michael Hampton Aug 28 '19 at 23:08
  • It's not clear what your question here is. You know what the usual answer to the situation is, but you have decided it must be wrong because your friends say it is. But then why are you asking us rather than your friends why they think we're wrong and they are right? You're not going to get a different answer here just by asserting that your question is not a duplicate of the questions it in fact duplicates. – hmakholm left over Monica Aug 28 '19 at 23:08
  • @Michael Hampton it has nothing do to with my concern. Military service was reintroduced recently, but students and residents abroad or workers are exempt. This is not the issue. – user97576 Aug 28 '19 at 23:17

The difference between EU national ID and Italian passport is that you can freely travel within EEU/CH with your Italian/EU National ID, but that ID is not a valid document for Moroccan government (they need a proof that you are leaving to Italy legally) or anywhere outside EEU/CH. Your Italian passport, on the other end, is. Thus, the Moroccan government will need to see your Italian passport on departure.

For reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_identity_cards_in_the_European_Economic_Area

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  • In Timatic I have found this results with departure from Morocco timaticweb2.com/integration/external-result/…. I have put National ID as documentation – user97576 Aug 29 '19 at 1:41
  • But the thing is that the national ID has to be valid for the destination country, because in Morocco I would have entered with Moroccan pass, and the ID would be sufficient for the airline. I find it meaning less that an authority can question a paper that grants the right to go to the other country if that other country accepts it in the first place – user97576 Aug 29 '19 at 1:46
  • You seem to already have your answer and are sticking to it, so why even ask the people on here? Try using it and let us know how it goes – Ozzy Aug 29 '19 at 1:47
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    Then why don't you carry your Italian passport with you, but only show it if they reject your EU id. Problem solved? :) – Andrey Aug 29 '19 at 2:02
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    No one is going to stamp your Italian passport. Just carry it. As a citizen Italy won't stamp you on exit or entry. Use your Moroccan one to enter and exit Morrocco. When they ask you where your visa is for Italy just show them the card or passport. You're complicating things – Ozzy Aug 29 '19 at 2:06