I will travel to Ireland next week with my sister. I have a study visa and she has a tourist visa. What kind of documents will the police ask for? I have already submitted travel insurance to the embassy for a visa. However our travel dates have changed, will they want to see new travel insurance at the border? Do they need bank statements, and is there a minimum amount of money in my account I should show?

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    What citizenship(s) are involved? For clarity, by ‘tourist visa’ do you mean your sister actually has a visa or that she intends to enter visa-free by virtue of her citizenship? – Traveller Aug 28 at 9:02
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    We're both Turkish citizens and she has a tourism/visit short-stay visa and I have study long-stay visa. It will be our first time entering Ireland. – Ayşegül Yazar Aug 28 at 9:07

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