Can i use Payslips and Employment letters as proof of funds ONLY for Canadian visa application (TRV)

I saw this on their site hence i am asking


I am from Nigeria

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    The guidance says ‘provide as many as you can’. Is there something unclear about that? – Traveller Aug 25 at 18:41
  • I have those two available at the moment hence , this question. No offence – The Miz Aug 25 at 18:45
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    An affidavit of what? Didn't you ask that before? – Michael Hampton Aug 25 at 18:47
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    I looked through your old questions. You have asked about it before. Everyone has told you several times that you don't need any such affidavit. There is no such requirement in Canada's official instructions. I don't understand why you asked about it even more. – Michael Hampton Aug 25 at 18:53
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    How does an affidavit prove truthfulness of anything? These internet myths are a waste of space. Read the official requirements, figure out how they apply to you and what documents you can provide that support the information in your application. That’s it. – Traveller Aug 25 at 19:42

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