i have 2 jobs.

My father has a company in which he is into manufacturing, import and Export and i run this job part time (For now) which somehow I run as the Manager in my fathers absence. Now i work as a consultant for a Bank as an engineer. This is the job i run full time and has this salary paid into my account. And I have the payslips as well.

Now I want to apply to Canada for a visit / tourist visa, I am Nigerian to visit a member of my family. I have gotten documents for the company which my father runs (including bank statements) now here is what worries me , Since i work as a consultant for a bank and my bank statement bears my salaries and I have payslips as proof, and I also have Bank statements, Company registration documents and sworn affidavit, can I also add that as well to this documentation judging that I have enough proof of funds to sponsor me in Canada and ties back home

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    You should provide documentation that substantiates the source of all regular credits to your account (such as your salary) and any material unusual receipts. – Traveller Aug 23 '19 at 20:44

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