I am flying into Sabiha Gokcen on from Rome at 6:15PM and have a connecting flight to Antalya at 8:45PM that same evening. I am not a Turkish citizen either. Is 2.5 hours enough to get out of the aircraft, clear customs, collect bags, go to thhe Domestic terminal, and check-in for my flight to Antalya? Does the Flash Pass/Fastrack help speed any of this up for me?

  • Thank-you Daniil - yes I will need to collect my luggage as I have 2 different PNR numbers therefore 2 different tickets. I am flying from Canada to Istanbul on Alitalia through Rome. From Rome the flight is operated by Pegasus on a code share. Although my flight from SAW to Antalya is also by Pegasus, it is a different PNR. As such I'll have to clear customs in Istanbul and check-in again at the domestic terminal. Is the domestic terminal in the same building as the international arrivals? Also, do I need a fast track pass for the domestic departure? – Hamad Siddiqui Aug 27 '19 at 4:51

The minimum transfer time expected should be 1 hours and 15/30 minutes for an international to a domestic flight.

If you arrive on an International flight and continue on domestic flight (or vice versa), the minimum time varies between 1h 15 min. and 1h 30 min. The longer time needed for domestic/international transiting is due to passing through immigration, where queues are often long. There are some connections with domestic flights, where baggage needs to be rechecked.


The fast track arrival pass offers a dedicated lane for passport control and is €25 online To be safe it would be recommended to get it but it is your decision.

Link for more info.

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