in preparation for submission for TRV (Temporary residence Visa for Canada), I have gotten my business name registration document and I want to ask a question for the matter of Clarity. Basically i was asked to make available Business name registration document alongside other documents On the online application platform on IRCC Website.

Now i have my business name registration document (Company belongs to my father actually but he used my name in the opening / registration of the business), Now here is what i wanted to ask if i am on the right track. I went to the High court of Justice today to get a sworn affidavit confirming that i am the executive chairman of the company. Is there something I appear to be missing? or Do I still have to in detail have some other pending documents I must provide, asides Business Registration documents, Bank statements and the sworn affidavit compelling and convincing IRCC with regards to ties to home country?

Edit : I am from Nigeria

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    I see this question has received a vote to close as something that belongs on the Expatriates site. Take note that "Temporary Resident" means "A foreign national who is in Canada legally for a short period", and Canada's "Temporary Resident Visa" is the appropriate visa for short-term travel purposes. – Chris H Aug 23 '19 at 9:50
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    Running a business is only a strong tie to your home country if you have to be there to do it. In a previous question travel.stackexchange.com/questions/144185/… you said you do software development and web hosting. That type of business can inherently be done from pretty much anywhere. – Traveller Aug 23 '19 at 10:46

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