I'm looking for a cheap way to travel from the Airport of Montevideo/Carrasco to the downtown (city center), more precisely the Barrio of Tres Cruces. Cabs are like 50 €, it's very expensive.

There is a bus but that they don't let us get in if we carry a travel case, because the people are often huddled together, therefore there is little space in the bus. Is that true? It would cost between 10-15 €.

I don't care about the duration of the trip. I also looked for some carpooling website but could not find anything

  • Rome2Rio says Uber is available
    – user90371
    Aug 22, 2019 at 19:56

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I went to Montevideo a couple of months ago and found the buses from the airport quite pleasing and not at all as you have heard described - the bus I used to get downtown was not full at all, there were in fact lots of empty seats. I arrived in the afternoon.

It took about an hour to get close to my stop, which is past Tres Cruces - but you said you didn't mind the duration of the trip, so that shouldn't be a problem.

I'd recommend checking Google Maps's path from the airport to the neighborhood - this is how I found out which buses I could take; Tres Cruces is close to Centenario Stadium, and as I understood it, several buses from the airport tend to pass through the area (700, 701, 710, etc).


As per a comment above, Rome2Rio offers several options:

  • Bus - bag may be a problem, but cheapest of the options
  • Taxi- Would work, but more expensive
  • Drive - not really an option unless you can hitch
  • Uber - middle of the range, and available.

It's up to you as to which of those is more suitable to your purpose/budget.

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