I'm searching on behalf of someone in the US who is currently using Key Ring on his iPhone, which doesn't support use in the EU. I have read that Apple Pay is usable almost globally, but I'm wondering if the Apple Wallet can manage loyalty cards from at least the US, EU, China, and Japan.

  • I don't think this is completely on-topic on travel.SE but Apple Wallet should be available in all countries. But be aware that as far as I know loyalty cards are not directly entered in Apple Wallet , they get loaded from apps that support wallet. Which apps are available from the app store on your iPhone depends which region / country your Apple ID is associated with and many apps are region locked and available only in country specific app stores. You may have trouble trying to manage loyalty cards fom the uS and EU at the same time – HBruijn Aug 22 '19 at 7:37

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