I live in Paris and I am planning to go next week to London and Southeast England (Canterbury, Dover and perhaps Battle). I intend to go by bus since this is the cheapest option. I've seen that a bus from Paris to Canterbury is costing about 24 Euros.

So I planned the following:

Departing from Paris Thursday late night and arrive at about 6 AM in Canterbury. Doing Canterbury on Friday, and departing to Dover in the late Afternoon. Sleep in Dover. Saturday: Hiking on the cliffs and a tour on the Dover castle. In the late afternoon, depart to London, and sleep in London.

Sunday and Monday: Doing London, historical and more important landmarks, Camden Town, etc.

I have some questions:

1 - Is this route feasible? I don't want this to be a trip where everyone is always tired. It doesn't seem like a terrible idea for me, but I am not an experienced traveller.

2 - Could there it be a cheaper route? (Like going first to London, then do Canterbury, I don't know). Of course that I am working on reducing the costs by any means possible: Going by bus, sleeping in cheap places, etc. My questions on cost is more about the organization of the route itself.

3 - Any other interesting places near the ones we are going that we can see? I wanted to go to Battle for the historical reasons, but I found it to be too far, rendering the trip more tiresome and expensive. I'm open to other ideas.

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    Sounds pretty tiring to me, especially kicking the trip off with overnight travel. ‘Doing’ London in two days is pretty tiring too, depending on what you want to see/do. You’d not have time for a visit to eg Hampton Court or Windsor. Personally I’d focus the trip either on London (which would give you time for at least one day trip out of the city) or the South East. – Traveller Aug 21 '19 at 7:37
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    For me this would be fine IF I knew I would sleep on the way to Canterbury, otherwise you're expecting yourself to see the whole town on a day of no sleep, which can be exhausting for anyone! – Uciebila Aug 21 '19 at 8:51