I am looking for a database/website that allows looking up currents and visibility information for global (or at least Asian) dive sites.

To find this information without such a site is a true nightmare since one has to scour multiple forums and websites for a specific dive site, one by one. If I had a website with centralized information, I could much easier check where it is good to go during a specific week.

I want to be able to pick a dive site and find out how the situation is in a specific season instead of having to guesstimate the conditions by taking a national average or even having to ask in a forum if ever anyone has been to a place in a certain month and hoping for a reply...

Any one knows of such a directory?


I finally found some sites that give such information:

  1. worlddivingreview.com has a quite long list of one-page reviews per area, with lists of critters as well as best months to visit etc.
  2. divetime.com has a list per dive-site that has to be reviewed individually.
  3. myscubadives.com also has a list of dive sites where people can log their individual dives.

So the first site is probably the one to visit first for general information about a larger area, and then it would be good to scout the other 2 to find if someone actually logged a dive there.


You should look at your certification and look at their website for various exploration projects.

For example. GUE has a list of current exploration projects with information on visibility from past dives. Some like Emerald Sink have data more recent then others.

  • Scuba Adviser also provides information on the dive sites in Asia but you will need to be a little more specific as to the dive site to get information.
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    Sorry, I must have asked wrong, since neither of this is what I searched for. Gue does not even list the country in the title of the list. This is for me more an insider's blog than a database. And Scuba Adviser lists 1 set of information for the whole country. I was looking for something where I can list observed dive sites per country, then region etc, and get info on dive sites. Or even take a month, chose a condition and then find places that match. – uncovery Mar 11 '13 at 15:26

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