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I would like to fly round-trip from USA to India via Vancouver International and back, on a flight operated by Air Canada (code sharing with United Airlines) in Oct-Nov 2019. I hold a passport from India and a valid multiple entry Canadian Visitor's visa.

  1. Would I also need to apply for a Canadian Transit Visa in addition to the Canadian Multiple entry Visitor's visa I already have in order to transit via YVR (layover less than 48 hours)? Or is the Canadian Multiple entry Visitor's visa enough for the transit?
  2. Is a layover time of 1h 35m typically enough to go through Canadian immigration at YVR and board the onwards Air Canada flight back to USA?


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  • I suppose we should assume that your immigration documents for the US are also in order. – phoog Aug 18 at 19:37
  • @phoog - Yes, immigration documents for the US are in order. – b42 Aug 18 at 20:53

Your existing temporary resident visa is fine for entering Canada. You don't need a second temporary resident visa just to transit. And you have enough time between your flights.

  • Thanks for the information. – b42 Aug 18 at 20:53

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