I have entered the US using B2 visa. The interview was long and I told the officer I am staying for a few weeks and showed my return ticket.

When she stamped me in, I was admitted for 6 months but she wrote "Transit" under the date. I believe it happened because I got confused by the last question or she didn't understand me. Question was smth like "so you are in transit to your home country". I told her yes which for me meant that I am not planning to stay long term....

Does this "transit" have a great meaning? My I-94 confirms the 6 months admittance.

Thank you for any help.

  • "I-94 confirms the 6 months admittance" – Midavalo Aug 16 at 0:05
  • @Midavalo Thanks. So I shouldn't worry? I stated my intent at the very beginning and towards the end, I thought she was asking about my ticket again. – Liza Kirey Aug 16 at 12:12

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