My I-94 permit was renewed early Jan, allowing entry through to July 5. This showed both on the I-94 website and stamped in my passport.

I then traveled outside of the US for several months and returned in May, and I believed a new I-94 would have been issued on my arrival back into the US, and stamped in my passport it says Entry until November 11 (as expected).

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However when I look it up on the I-94 website it still says the current I-94 is through to July 5. I have checked my wife's passport, and all my kids - they are all stamped Nov 11, and on the I-94 it correctly says November 11, but online mine still has the date from the previous I-94.

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Which date do I believe? Am I going to need to do an early renew next time I enter?

Note: I will be entering by land, so it won't just be auto-renewed as it does when entering by air (which is what happened in May)

  • What country(s) did you travel to whilst you were away?
    – Doc
    Aug 11, 2019 at 2:37
  • @Doc we traveled to New Zealand
    – Midavalo
    Aug 11, 2019 at 2:46

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Your passport has the correct date. Take it along to the nearest CBP Deferred Inspection site where they can correct the error.

The CBP I-94 web site FAQ says this:

If there is an error or mistake on the paper or electronic form I-94, the traveler can contact the Deferred Inspection office closest to their location. A list of Deferred Inspection Sites and POEs can be found on CBP's website, http://www.cbp.gov, under the "Ports" link at the bottom of the page.


I believe the other answer is correct, and have marked it as the answer, however I am updating with details of what seems to have happened now.

We crossed 3 times in August without any issues.

First time there was no comment, just allowed to enter. I checked I-94 website later, the new entry was there, but it still said Admit Until 05/07.

Second time the CBP officer asked if we needed to renew I-94 for all the passports (there were 6 of us), and I said "no, they should all be valid until 11/11", which I think he verified by looking at one or two of the stamps. We were allowed to enter. Checking I-94 website later again showed the latest entry, but still Admit until 05/07.

Third time the officer said nothing, didn't scan any of our passports, and let us in. I-94 website still says 05/07, but this entry did not show at all.

I have so-far crossed once in September. This time by foot (the entries above were by car). Got the usual questions (where am I going, how long, where do I live, how long have I lived there), and was allowed to enter. However this time the I-94 website shows the entry, and Admit Until 11/11. So I'm guessing maybe the CBP officer at the pedestrian border crossing has updated the I-94 info based on the stamp in my passport. He certainly didn't mention it.

enter image description here

So based on this experience it appears they're happy to update the electronic record based on what is stamped in the passport, but I certainly didn't actively request it or bring any attention to it, nor was it mentioned as a problem when I crossed.

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